Butler County's third annual Taps, Tastes and Tunes Festival

On the museum grounds, July 2, 3 and 4.

2021 Event Schedule...

Friday, July 2nd, 5 pm-11 pm

Saturday, July 3rd, 12 pm-11 pm

Sunday, July 4th, 12 pm-9 pm



Event Museum Hours:

Friday,      July2,           5 – 8 PM

Saturday, July 3,   Noon – 8 PM

Sunday,    July 4,   Noon – 8 PM



Please check back for a new date.


From left, character Max B. Nimble in his toy shop, and Max Howard, the actor. (photos provided)

Max B. Nimble and Children’s Television
   POSTPONED due to Coronavirus.
   Please check back for a new date.

Join us at the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting as we welcome Max Howard, the actor who played TV’s Max B. Nimble during the mid-1970s as we discuss his show and children’s educational television in general.

Per Mike Martini, President of Media Heritage, the Museum’s collection of Cincinnati radio and TV broadcasting artifacts, “This will be a fun blast from the past as we discuss his show, children’s educational television in general, and why he claims his show was the ‘greatest kid’s show you never heard of,’” said Martini. “The show won 10 Emmys, as well as numerous other awards during the show’s 39-episode run. This is an amazing accomplishment for any television production, and yet, it remains unknown, even in Cincinnati. It’s a story worth telling and work worth remembering.”

We'll discuss the FCC's requirements for educational programming and how some broadcasters skirt around the rules.  We'll even remember Max B. Nimble by showing some original scenes from the show and introduce some of the behind-the-scenes producers.

ADMISSION is $10 at the door. Reservations are recommended by ______.  To reserve a seat, email info@voamuseum.org or call (513) 777-0027.


 RAND Corp Researcher to Speak on "Political Warfare: Battlegrounds Without Borders" 
    POSTPONED due to coronavirus.
    Please check back for a new date.

Linda Robinson, senior international and defense researcher at the RAND Corporation of Santa Monica, California, will speak on “Political Warfare: Battlegrounds Without Borders”on ______ here at the Museum.  Robinson’s presentation is offered by the World Affairs Council (WAC) of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  

There will be a pre-discussion ticketed reception for WAC members and guests, followed by the presentation which is open to the public. 

There will be a $10 admission charge for the presentation.


 Kite Flying

Second Sunday On the Green at the VOA Museum

Second Sunday, Noon - 4 PM, "On the Green" at the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting

Download flyer here:  PIGS Aloft Kite Club

{People Interested in Getting Stuff Aloft}

Information, contact: John Graves 513-478-3866