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Radio, TV and Electronics Museums

Antique Wireless Association – Bloomfield (near Rochester), NY. Preserving and sharing the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging.

Alexanderson Alternator Transmitter – Sweden, Featuring the Alexanderson Alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz with the call sign SAQ.

Asheville Radio Museum – Asheville, NC. A teaching museum, where people of all ages can learn about the history of radio technology including Vintage Radio, Amateur (Ham) Radio, and the Discovery of Radio.

Auman Museum of Radio and Television – Dover, OH. A private museum (call first) for vintage radios and TVs including many mechanical TVs.

Charlie's CQ Room A virtual museum featuring Collins, Hallicrafters, National, RME, Hammarlund, Johnson Viking, Central Electronics, Signal One, Heathkit, Drake, World Radio Laboratories (WRL) and others.

Crosley Radio Archives (Virtual) 

Early Television Museum – Hilliard (Columbus area), OH. A large collection of early TVs including many mechanical TVs and a business for rebuilding CRTs.

Gothenburg Radio Museum  –  Gothenburg, Sweden. A large vintage radio museum including use of your mobile device for listening and reading about exhibits.

Gray History of Wireless Collection - National VOA Museum of Broadcasting, West Chester, OH. A large collection of vintage and early radios including Crosley, DeForest, Atwater Kent, Grebe, Gibson Girl, Spark, Collins, National, RCA, Magnavox, Westinghouse, Zenith, A-C Gilbert, Marconi, Hallicrafters, and Heath.

Hammond Museum of Radio – Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Home to hundreds of receivers and transmitters dating from the spark era up to and including National's first solid-state HRO500.

Museum of American Heritage  Palo Alto, CA. Featuring Invention and Technology from 1750 to 1950. We preserve and present the evolution of American invention. We collect, conserve and exhibit the wonderfully ingenious electrical and mechanical devices that have developed over the last two centuries.

Museum of Radio and Technology – Huntington, WV. A large collection of vintage radios and communication history helping to promote electronics education.

Museum of Yesterday   

My Radio Museum – Rottenburg, Germany. German radios from 1910 thru the 1960s.

National Capital Radio and Television Museum – Bowie, MD.  Featuring radios from Marconi’s earliest wireless telegraph to the primitive crystal sets of the 1920s, into the depression-era cathedrals and post-war plastic portables and the development of radio with pictures (a.k.a. television).

New England Wireless and Steam Museum – East Greenwich, RI. The New England Wireless and Steam Museum is an electrical and mechanical engineering museum emphasizing the beginnings of radio and steam power. The museum honors engineers who achieved greatness and served the public good by analyzing and solving tough engineering problems. The museum is both archival and educational.

Phil's Old Radios Listing A virtual museum including hundreds of articles and thousands of images. 

Perham Collection - San Jose, CA. Private collection, call first. More than 2,500 objects and 1,200 photographs, and over 200 linear feet of manuscript collections including rare books, trade manuals, ephemera, and other printed material are part of the collection. 

Radio Museum - Meggen, Switzerland (World's most complete virtual reference for radios and radio items).

RC&C – Walt Gromov’s Radio Museum – Moscow, Russia. An outstanding collection of WWI and WWII radios mostly focusing on Russian made equipment.

Radio Boulevard, Western Historic Radio Museum - Virginia City, NV (Virtual). Rebuilding Vintage Radio Communication Equipment, Radio Manufacturing History, Nevada Radio History, Photo Galleries of Vintage Radios, Roaring Twenties, Classic Thirties Pre-WWII Ham Gear, Post-WWII Ham Gear Vintage Long Wave Receivers, WWII Communications Equipment, Military-Commercial Comm Gear from 1930-1941 & 1946-1960+ Telegraph Keys,...Vintage Microphones.

Radio Technology Museum - Wall Township, NJ. The RTM is a part of the InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum located at the former U.S. Army Evans Signal Laboratory. The Museum traces the development of radio from before spark to beyond cellphones.

Southwest Museum Of Engineering, Communications and Computation – Glendale. AZ. TTY / TDD History and Resources - Also Closed Captioning, Broadcasting and Communications, Microscope History, Museum / Library, Winfield Salisbury, Copyright, Whatizit?, Beroza Library, Emergency Technology, RADAR, proximity fuze, RCA Inc., Other Resources, Telecommunications, Solid State, Motorola/ Galvin, Space and Flight Sciences and People!, Frederick Terman - By Ed Sharpe, Bell Labs / Lucent, Atomic Energy, Hearing Aids, Microelectronics, Electronics Magazines, Items Wanted / for Trade!, Computation, Rural Electrification, Hydro-Electric Power, Valley West Mall, General Electric, Robotics, Reading is Communication!, Western Electric Appliances, Varian, Amateur Radio & Short-Wave, Nike Sites, On The Road With SMECC, McGraw Hill Electrical Engineering Series, Richard Florac - First Pager, Early Portable FM Radios, Typewriters - The Odd & The Historical!, SMECC Outreach Projects, New Books Recommended by the Museum Staff., Hewlett-Packard, The Early Years, In Memoriam... Frederick Emmons Terman 1900- 1982, What Science and Technical Items Caught Our Interest As Children?, Palos Verdes Research Park, SMECC Memorial Page, Live Better Electrically.

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention – Bellingham, Washington. Following a continuous thread of invention and discovery, the SPARK Museum collection contains a wealth of unique and rare artifacts dating from the earliest days of scientific electrical experiments in the 1600s through the 1940s and the Golden Age of Radio. Artifacts from the laboratories of the early pioneers of electricity, from magnets and Leyden jars to Edison light bulbs, magnificent vacuum tubes, telegraphs and telephones, all are well-represented in our history museum in Bellingham.

Sunshine Radio Museum – Sodus, NY. Sunshine Radio is the original founding part of our company. The mission of Sunshine Radio is to preserve the products and knowledge from the early years of the electronics industry starting from the turn of the century up to the 1970s. Electronic products, parts, programs, and memorabilia are documented and preserved with attention to the historical value.

Vintage Radio and Communication Museum – Windsor, CT. Preserving old-time communications equipment and educating the public about this wonderful history. Our museum exhibits are organized along a timeline from the 1800s through to the 1970-80s. The aisles are identified by decade with a sign at each end.