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"More than wires in a box..."

These words of Edward R. Murrow capture the essence of our Museum. More than a repository of technology of years gone by, it is an examination and celebration of the creative and truthful broadcasts that changed the world and continue to do so today.

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Come Experience History

The story of international broadcasting comes alive on your journey through history.

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Restoring an Icon

With your support we can restore the iconic art deco Bethany Relay Station and develop an institution that celebrates extraordinary technical achievement and innovative factual and inspiring programming.

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Siege Guns of Peace

"In Bethany, Ohio tonight there stands a forest of towers ... they are siege guns of radio … that can hurl explosive facts against the enemy’s weapons of lies and confusion … They are also potential guns of peace." ................Remarks by Clifford Durr, a Federal Communications Commissioner, at the Dedication of the Bethany Station.

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Telling the truth to the World

Many listeners to VOA broadcasts did so at great risk as it was a punishable offence to listen in many countries led by repressive governments.

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting

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