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How VOA Changed the World

Come learn how history was changed in your own back yard from Bethany Relay Station in West Chester, Ohio, part of the Greater Cincinnati Area.

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Come Experience History

Learn how many listeners to VOA broadcasts did so at great risk as it was a punishable offence to listen in many countries led by repressive governments.

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Come See 8 Exciting Exhibits

1. VOA Bethany Station 2. Powel Crosley Jr. Exhibit 3. VOA USCGC Courier Exhibit 4. Radio and Wireless Evolution Exhibit 5. Westchester Amateur Radio Association WC8VOA 6. Gray History of Wireless Collection Exhibit 7. Media Heritage (Early Cincinnati Radio and TV) Exhibit 8. Radio Lab, Learn how wireless works (Hands-On)

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Learn How VOA Operated

Learn how six high power shortwave transmitters sent America's voice around the world from this VOA Bethany Relay Station from 1944 to 1994.

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Learn How History Was Made

Learn about secrets that changed the world using the power of shortwave radio from Bethany Station in West Chester, Ohio.

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting

8070 Tylersville Rd. (GPS use Crosley Blvd.)| West Chester, OH 45069 Ph: 513-777-0027